In recent professional surveys, knowledge and expertise are amongst current limitations to addressing climate risk and sustainability opportunities in financial services.  We believe meaningful Sustainable Finance goes beyond knowledge.  It calls for intertwining climate and sustainability in financial and risk management models, co-imagining how we evaluate new business opportunities.

Our workshops combine the perspectives of financial and risk advisors with the perspectives of climate and sustainability ecosystems, to encourage dialogue and induce acculturation.  They are offered in French and in English. 


Sustainable Finance Workshops

Sustainable Finance Overview
An overview of sustainability perspectives,
sustainable finance markets and new regulations

Sustainable Business Models
(Re)inventing business models:
Sustainable value = f (risk, return, sustainability)

Green & Sustainable Financial Markets
Green, social and sustainability bonds:
where we are & where we need to be

Climate & Sustainability Policy and Regulations
EU and regulatory Sustainable Finance
Action Plans:  an evolving landscape

Climate Risk Management
Embedding physical and transition risks in the risk framework, models, scenario analysis and model risk processes

Climate & Sustainability Disclosures
Navigating the transition from ECSR to Climate-related Financial Disclosures, Pilar 3 and integrated reporting

The workshops content and duration can be customised with you to meet your team’s needs.
For further details and a copy of the Sustainable Finance Workshops brochure, please contact us.