Our mission

We assist financial institutions in their journey towards sustainable finance. We help them embrace environmental and sustainability expectations from regulators, investors, consumers and other stakeholders.

Our vision

We strive for positive impact in everything we do. We empower each other to grow by encouraging curiosity, experimentation and pragmatism. We co-invent with our clients and network. We share, we collaborate and we embrace diversity of views.

Value proposition

Sustainable finance requires cross-functional expertise and acculturation. We bring value and drive positive impact through co-creation and the ability to connect business lines, risk & finance to the environmental & sustainability ecosystem.

Our focus on innovation

We believe innovation and collective intelligence are instrumental to positive impact sustainable finance. We search for innovative solutions for environmental and sustainability data, products, models & technology.



We think like a forest: we believe in combining risk & finance and climate & sustainability perspectives, leveraging existing strengths and interdependencies. We collaborate with an ecosystem of climate & sustainability experts who can contribute independently or be taken on-board on a project basis, based on the depth and extent of your needs.

“We created IMPACTplus because climate change and sustainability reached a tipping point, an emergency. Many financial institutions and their stakeholders share this realisation. It is time to focus on positive impact. It is time to leverage and combine our experiences to further connect climate & sustainability to financial products, risk and finance. Time also to create a consultancy sustainable from within.”

They Trust us